I ditched my neon dresses & heavy make-up for ‘old money style’ – people say I look like an entirely different person

The red-head stunner was once all about heavy make-up and neon outfits - but now looks like an entirely different person

A WOMAN has left people open-mouthed after sharing her glow-down, which included a totally new wardrobe.

Whilst her loyal fans may instantly recognise her from her chic and classy style, Antonia Higham hasn’t always oozed elegance – and one of her latest Instagram videos only serves as proof.


The red-head stunner was once all about heavy make-up and neon outfits – but now looks like an entirely different personCredit: instagram/@antoniahigham
People were left gobsmacked, as the elegance coach shared the jaw-dropping makeover


People were left gobsmacked, as the elegance coach shared the jaw-dropping makeoverCredit: instagram/@antoniahigham

Before her jaw-dropping makeover, the stunner looked nothing like what she does now, often showing off her enviable figure in teeny neon green dresses and cakey make-up.

The red-head, from the UK, took to social media to share snaps of herself before revamping her style – and the transformation is incredible.

One such snap, for example, showed the younger version Antonia rocking an ”Instagram Baddie” aesthetic, posing with a bright mini frock with a leggy display and heavy foundation.

In the past, the fashion whizz, who now shares her top tips to level up, would also be seen heading out in latex outfits.

But it’s not just the wardrobe that’s seen a drastic glow-down – over the years, the style coach has also changed her beauty routine.

Whereas in her younger years Antonia would wear piles of thick foundation and complete the look with a dark eyeshadow, the stunner now opts for a more natural finish.

This is probably one of the best transformations I have ever seen


The Before and After snaps also revealed two totally different eyebrow looks, with Antonia nowadays sporting a less intense and blocky result.

At some point, however, the elegance pro realised that the ”Instagram Baddie” appearance was no longer her true identity and radically changed her style.

What was once loud and tacky had now become chic and classy, with the UK-based beauty rocking stunning full-length gowns and elegant outfits.

The incredible makeover, which also included ditching the thick eyelashes, has taken the platform by storm, winning close to a staggering 10million views.

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Stunned by the difference between the two versions of the same person, thousands raced to comments to share their thoughts and praise Antonia.

”Oh my god this is the best decision of your life,” one was gobsmacked.

”Old money baddie is superior,” another agreed.

A third chimed in, praising the beauty: ”Still an Instagram baddie, just in a completely different league.”

”This is probably one of the best transformations I have ever seen,” a fellow Instagram user couldn’t get over the glow-down.

Biggest beauty mistakes

Fabulous’ Beauty Editor Tara Ledden has shared the do’s and don’ts when it comes to beauty.

“No matter how much time and money you spend on your beauty routine, if you’re not getting the basics right, the rest is wasted.

“There aren’t many non-negotiables, but these are the biggest beauty mistakes sabotaging your regime.”

  • Not wearing SPF: Sun-damage is the main cause of premature skin ageing, so if you want to keep your skin looking plump and glowing, sun cream is vital. 
  • Using expired products: Best case, they’re ineffective and don’t deliver the results they promise, worst case they cause irritation and infection. The shelf life of beauty products differ – for example, mascara is usually good for 3-6 months while lipstick can last for 9-18 months. Check the ‘POA’ symbol on the packaging (it looks like a jar and will have a number inside for how many months it’s safe once opened. If you can’t remember when you opened your product, throw it away and start again, marking the month and year with a permanent marker on the packaging. 
  • Not knowing your undertones: If you’re using make-up with the wrong undertones, it’ll never look natural no matter how much you blend it! An easy trick to work out whether you have cool, warm or neutral undertones is to check the veins on your wrist – if they look blue, you have cool undertones, if they’re green, you have warm and if they’re a mix you have neutral. 
  • Skipping heat protector: It might feel unnecessary, but much like sun damage on the skin, excess heat is the most common cause of hair damage. So, if you want shiny, healthy hair, or you’re trying to grow it longer, using a heat protection product is key. 
  • Not washing your face before bed: it’s as simple as this, if you’re not washing your face before you go to sleep, everything that’s been on your skin during the day is sitting there for even longer, clogging your pores and drying out the surface. Any skincare applied on top isn’t going to be effective with a layer of dirt underneath, and you’re probably going to end up with dirty pillows too – yuck!

”You were literally meant to be this,” another penned.

Antonia, whose Instagram page has amassed close to 175k followers, now uses social media to teach others how to change their appearance and become more glamorous.

The young social media star regularly shares her favourite tips to ooze elegance, including three simple reasons why single women fail to bag a high calibre man.

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